Wednesday, September 24, 2008

nutella, my love.

as i type this, i am scraping the bottom of my nutella jar with a butter knife. i have/need to eat up every last bit of the chocolate hazelnut goodness. and don't worry, i already have another new jar on reserve in my pantry. i have been eating nutella since i was a toddler. in fact, nutella sandwiches were more common in my childhood than pb&j sandwiches. but now, as a "responsible" adult, i only treat myself to nutella on occasions. and i am very particular about how i have my nutella. i prefer to eat it on UNtoasted whole wheat WHITE bread (yes, this type of bread does exist). also, every centimeter of the piece of bread needs to be covered with nutella. oh, it's heaven. i love this little treat so much (specially when i have it with unsweetened tea) that i never really venture to try it in any other form. i did, however, find some yummy-looking nutella recipes:

...maybe i'll give these recipes a try.
yes, yes i will.


Kimberlee said...

oooh - the french toast looks the best!!! My old house mate Emma and I went through a rather bad kilo-inducing phase with nutella. We ended up having to spray it with fly spray and chucking it in the bin (no fly spray meant it was easy to get back out of the bin and eat)..... disturbing, I know.

Anonymous said...

I also love nutella, somthing introduced to me last time I where in Iran.

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