Monday, September 8, 2008


i finally saw the movie juno. the actors were brilliant. ellen page is going to go far. i expected the movie to be a funny take on unplanned teenage pregnancy. a far too common and unfortunate occurrence in our society. and of course, it was, and i found myself laughing throughout the movie. however, i think the movie also spoke of love.

love is truly a difficult concept to understand. it confuses, scares, yet warms people. we do certain things in our lives in order to obtain love. in order to be happy. there seems to be a mysterious formula for love and happiness and some of us try our darnest to follow it.

this movie illustrated how this formula is proven wrong.

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bandelle said...

I still haven't seen this but everyone keeps saying that it's a brilliant movie. I've even heard that the illustrations in the opening credits are interesting.

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