Monday, September 15, 2008

long in the front, short in the back

image via here

image via here

everywhere i go, i see girls trying to pull off the victoria beckham haircut:

the grocery check out lady, the 16-year old serving coffee at starbucks, B-list celebrities, soccer moms, and cougars at the bar scene.


what totally put me over the edge was when i saw a "plain jane-ish" girl decked out in sweat paints, a northface jacket, crocs, and....a victoria beckham haircut! it was totally out of place.

i actually really liked the haircut when i first saw pictures of the original fashion diva sporting the look. i thought it was so sleek, so modern, so chic.

but now, i think the victoria haircut is the new jennifer aniston haircut. it's freakin' everywhere!

i'm bored now. something new, please.


Sara Christine said...

Look no further than Victoria Beckham herself! Just saw a pic of her adorable new pixie cut. The short hairstyle looks good on so few people, let's hope there isn't a rush to copy. ;)

Lucky said...

i love vb's cut! but i could never carry it off - i actually have the aniston/ soccer mom cut :(

cinderelly said...

i have sarah connors chronicles's easier to make look good! lol!

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