Friday, September 5, 2008

cindy mccain's $300,000 outfit

vanity fair estimates that cindy's outfit cost about $300,000 and laura's cost about $4,000.

i wonder how well cindy mccain and sarah palin are going to get along. wouldn't it be funny if good ole sarah ends up selling cindy's dress on ebay like she did with the jet?

btw, the luxury jet was listed at 2.5 million on ebay...but it didn't sell. it was eventually sold to a private buyer.


Anonymous said...

Find 3 carat diamond earrings that cost 280k. Please. Vanity Fair is impossibly biased, and theres no way the earrings ring in at 280k. Theshoes are also over priced as are the pearls. Both dresses were donated by de la Renta.

Jillian said...

Cindy McCain is looking so beautiful in her $300,000 outfit.

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