Sunday, September 7, 2008


it is currently ramadan. ramadan is the month in which muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sunset. that means no eating, drinking, sex, smoking or any use of profane language. it's interesting to note how fasting is observed in almost all world religions, in some form or another. for example:


  • catholicism - abstain from meat on ash wednesday and good fridays. also, no meat is eaten on all fridays during lent.
  • eastern orthodox - no meat, dairy products, or eggs are allowed during lent. there are also several other fast periods throughout the year.
  • protestant - fasting is at the discretion of individuals and churches
  • methodist - some partake in the wesley fast. this includes fasting after thursday's evening meal until midafternoon on fridays. otherwise, fasting is put at discretion
  • lutheran - fasting is at the discretion of individuals and churches. not required at all.


  • during yom kippur, eating and drinking are not allowed for 24 hours. there are also six other fast days throughout the year.


  • abstain from solid foods and certain drinks during some full moon days and other holidays.


  • the first sunday of each month is a fast day. abstain from food and drink for two consecutive meals.
baha'i faith

  • fasting during the month of ala. this means no food and drink from sunrise to sunset. matter when or if you fast, i think we can all agree that it is quite a challenging practice.

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