Friday, June 27, 2008

black and white dresses

black and white together is always a chic combo. and for a pop of color, it is so easy to mix in colored accessories!

found here

found here

found here

found here

found here

Thursday, June 26, 2008

try this mascara!

i've never been one to spend a lot of money on makeup. i just honestly don't see the point. i buy what i think works. in my opinion, the application technique is key, not the price tag of the product. so it doesn't really matter to me if mascara is $32 vs. $7 a just needs to make my eyelashes pop! my makeup bag is made up of clinique, loreal, wet&wild, mac, jane, neutrogena, estee lauder, maybelline, lancome, chanel, nyc, etc!

my absolute favorite *day-time* mascara is Loreal Voluminous Naturale. it is fantastic. it never clumps and it is the most appropriate amount of volume for the day. i hate seeing girls walking around with a ton of mascara when the sun is out. heavy, volume-building mascara should be left for going out in the evenings. anyway, the best thing about this mascara is that it comes off in clumps when you wash it off, it doesn't smear down your face! all you have to do is wet your lashes and the mascara almost comes off in tube-like chunks!

Monday, June 23, 2008

affordable dinner

everything is getting so darn expensive. it is so frustrating! anyway, i just got home and i went through my recipes to find something affordable to make for dinner tonight. this is what i found:

looks good!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Costa Rica!!!!!

i just got back from my costa rica trip!
to sum it all up: beautiful beaches, kind people, expensive prices, lots of europeans, lots of mosquitoes, sun burns, surfing, gorgeous sunsets, pina coldas, friends, wonderful resort, swimming, heat, humidity, sweat, sand, yummy fruit...and a darn good time!!

i wanna travel the world!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

does a girl have to wax?

i just got a leg and bikini wax today and it wasn't what i was expecting. pain wasn't the issue. i was expecting the process to be painful. it was everything else.

i went to Wax On. supposedly, it is one of the best places in seattle. i found it after hours of googling around. the place has been mentioned in Cosmo, Glamour, etc. so i picked it. this was my first waxing experience...ever. up until a couple of hours ago, no hair on body was ever ripped off from the root. the entire process took about 45min.

she started with the legs. Ouch! i never knew the skin around my ankles were so sensitive! i also asked for a basic bikini wax. however, i was asked to take everything off from the waste down. whatever. i did as i was told and after 10-15min, i became "okay" with being practically naked. the process ended. i payed. i got home. checked the legs and...i still see hair! not a little, but a good amount. my hair seems to have just broken off rather than have been ripped from the root. and now i'm frustrated for two things: 1-i payed $80 and still have hair on my legs and 2-i just hate being hairy. i think i'm eventually going to get it all lasered off.

why did i do all of this? well, because in 48 hours, i will be on a plane flying to Costa Rica! i'm so excited.

now, that i am semi-hair-less, i just need to find a way to get tan :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

persian tea has a crush on coffee

what is more "seattle" than coffee? seriously.

coffee, coffee, coffee. i love it. almost as much as i love a nice cup of persian tea. and being the good seattelite that i am, i've learned to tell the most subtle taste, temperature, and brewing differences between good coffee and real goooood coffee.

i remember the days when i would be able to drink know, that instant coffee stuff...but now, oh my has that changed! i have a nice list of coffee shops that i love to visit. in fact, as i write this, i am sitting at cafe zokas, one of my favs. great atmosphere and great coffee.

nice coffee things:
  • nonfat, sugar-free raspberry latte from Zokas (near u-village)

  • House blend drip from Tully's

  • Peet's Coffee in fremont (great place to get work done)

  • low fat chocolate chip banana loaf from Starbucks (even though it pains me to feed the starbucks monster)

  • a nice latte with a marshmallow from Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford

  • Cafe Solstice for their music selection! the u-district

  • home-made coffee ice cream
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