Friday, September 26, 2008

cooking with all things trader joe's

i was at barnes and noble the other day and i saw this book and i really, really wanted it:...but it was too expensive and i can't buy it right now. i can afford to shop at trader joe's (i do 90% of my grocery shopping there) but i can't afford a cookbook to teach me how to use all of their ingredients. kinda pathetic. but anyway, i found this website and now i'm happy :)
i love when the authors of cookbooks keep blogs.


Cassidy said...

What a find! B&N often hands out 30% coupons, so get your hands on one of those. I've gotten them in the mail before. Sometimes they even give out 40% coupons! I love Trader Joe's too.

nm said...

The library is your friend. I checked it out and made one or two things and then decided I could live without it.

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