Monday, November 24, 2008

quantum of solace movie review

i saw the new james bond movie during it's opening weekend. i was so excited to see it! however, i wasn't as impressed with it as i was with casino royale. i suppose that's the reason it has taken me over a week to post my review on quantum of solace.

anyway, here are my thoughts on the movie:

-great action movie, but...

-too many chasing scenes, too little dialogue (i missed bond's wit and charm in this movie)

-the new bond girl, olga kurylenko, is absolutely gorgeous

-daniel craig's sexiest body part = his lips

-the ending seemed a bit too abrupt

-judi dench...such a classy and powerful woman

-the plot line could have been a bit less...messy/all over the place

-very few romantic/sex scenes in this movie...very different from other bond movies

-definitely need to have seen casino royale to understand the tone of this movie

don't know if i would recommend spending $10 to go see this movie at the theatre. if you're not a major bond fan, i would wait till quantum of solace comes out on dvd. but being the major fan that i am, i can't wait till the next one comes out!

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