Monday, November 10, 2008

australia...and kidman's wacky lips

i just saw nicole kidman and hugh jackman on oprah talking about their new movie australia, but the only thing i could focus on were her lips!!

australia is set during world war II, so her plastic surgery lips look just absolutely ridiculous. why do actresses do this to themselves? ugh. it's not attractive and it's so obvious. kidman has been around for good amount of time, but i don't think she is necessarily a good actress. i'm sure there are many australian actresses (with a more natural look) that would have been more appropriate for the film.

anyway, i still want to see the movie. i mean, when it comes out on DVD

trivia: supposedly, the original ending of the movie was concluded to be too sad for american audiences, so the ending was changed. go here to read the article, but WARNING, it gives away the plot. so read with discretion.

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