Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#1 What I am grateful for today

I need to be more grateful for things. In particular, the little things in life. Recently, I have been very grumpy and focusing a lot on that darn half empty glass. I want to change.
So here is my goal:
Sometime during my day, I will take a moment to write down something that I am grateful for. I am aiming to do this daily with the full awareness that I may skip some days...but let's remain real at first, so that this goal can stay manageable. Right?

I think this all started when I was on pinterest and I saw this:
So true.
It completely resonated with me.
So here I go...

Today I am grateful for having the time to boil water, brew my tea, sit down and browse the internet, all while having the whole house smell like my spicy black chai tea.

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