Monday, August 4, 2008

my weekend went a little something like this...

weekend round-up:
  • i saw the movie p.s. i love you and i cried every 15-20 minutes. like clockwork. i kid you not. get the dvd and a box of tissues and allow the movie to melt your heart away!
  • my best friend from high school got engaged this weekend and i am SOOOO incredibly happy for her. she is one of those genuinely kind people that loves can't help but love her back.
  • my ex-boyfriend also got engaged this weekend. it tugged at my heart just a little...i'm not gonna lie. oops.
  • i totally treated myself to a nice (and successful) day of shopping on sunday. got some nice pieces for this autumn (can you believe fall clothes are out already?!).
  • i am finally jogging and it feels great! it has been my goal to do so for the longest time, so it feels fantastic. it's almost a bit addictive. each time i jog i want to beat my previous time or distance. i think the key to becoming a jogger is learning how to breathe and pacing yourself.
  • i made an entire pan of brownies and ate the entire thing myself this, actually i lied...i gave two pieces away.
  • it's really difficult to get through the weeks between wax sessions...unwanted hair just sucks. i never thought i would become one of those people that would routinely get my legs waxed. it's so high-maintenance. i can hardly believe my first wax session was only a little while ago!

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