Sunday, August 17, 2008

i've had enough of tyra banks

tyra just really annoys me. everything about her. how she wants to be the young oprah, her annoying voice, and the way she "softens" her voice when she is about to deliver the bad news on america's next top model. oh, and lets not forget how her eyes dart back and forth a million times when she is talking to someone. just shoot me.

she totally walks around like her sh*t doesn't stink, and frankly, i can't take it anymore.

in my opinion her best piece of "work" was the book she wrote back in the 90's:
since then, she just gets more and more annoying. please stop. please go away.


Jennifer said...

I love that she wears some broke ass wigs. ANTM is a tired, rigged sham. But there's a tranny this season. Other than Tyra, that is.

Puck said...

i love your blog xD i literally just read the whole thing and this was the last post.
she annoys me too.
im sick of her -.-

Anastasia said...

I absolutely love tyra because she has an actual passion for the betterment of young women. I understand her passion becasue she wants to inspire women to love themselves for who they are I think she's awsome and she has set out to change the lives of the young women. she has inspired me to help young women too so thank God for Tyra and someone who actually cares for the emotions that young women quite like myself feel everyday.

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