Wednesday, June 11, 2008

does a girl have to wax?

i just got a leg and bikini wax today and it wasn't what i was expecting. pain wasn't the issue. i was expecting the process to be painful. it was everything else.

i went to Wax On. supposedly, it is one of the best places in seattle. i found it after hours of googling around. the place has been mentioned in Cosmo, Glamour, etc. so i picked it. this was my first waxing experience...ever. up until a couple of hours ago, no hair on body was ever ripped off from the root. the entire process took about 45min.

she started with the legs. Ouch! i never knew the skin around my ankles were so sensitive! i also asked for a basic bikini wax. however, i was asked to take everything off from the waste down. whatever. i did as i was told and after 10-15min, i became "okay" with being practically naked. the process ended. i payed. i got home. checked the legs and...i still see hair! not a little, but a good amount. my hair seems to have just broken off rather than have been ripped from the root. and now i'm frustrated for two things: 1-i payed $80 and still have hair on my legs and 2-i just hate being hairy. i think i'm eventually going to get it all lasered off.

why did i do all of this? well, because in 48 hours, i will be on a plane flying to Costa Rica! i'm so excited.

now, that i am semi-hair-less, i just need to find a way to get tan :)

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franki durbin said...

you know... I wax regularly. it varies. they seem to leave some of it up to you to remove.. and my salon offers a 7-day touch up. She asks you to come in for 'cleanup' within 7 days so she doesn't irritate the skin too much on any given day.

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