Monday, July 28, 2008

pretty dress

i'm always on the look out of modest dresses because i'm not very comfortable wearing revealing clothes. it has nothing to do with my body image. i'm quite comfortable with my body. i eat healthy, have an active lifestyle, and fairly good genes so i'm happy with my overall appearance. i contribute my preference for modest fashion to the way i was raised. i was never allowed to wear tank tops, short shorts or even nail polish to school! i can still hear my mom saying "modesty is the best policy."

i'm my own woman now and i agree with my an extent, of course. i believe dressing a bit more modest, yet stylish, gives a woman a lady-like, classy appearance. if you stop and think of fashion icons of the past, such as hepburn, grace kelly, jackio o., they all had that image. however, striving for a more modest style also presents one with challenges. there are a lot of frumpy, ugly clothes out there! sheesh.

that is why i get so excited when i find a dress like this:

i want it! i mean, i really, really, really want it! why does it have to be $550, jcrew?

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chira said...

as i got older i like the classy look more but yes, it is not easy on the pocket books per se.

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