Tuesday, July 22, 2008

moive review - Batman

i saw the The Dark Knight (aka. the new batman movie) last night and it was sooo good. very action packed! the plot moved quickly and it was well written. i also think that it's one of those movies that must be seen at the movie theatre.

other thoughts on the movie...
  • i thought Heath Ledger was brilliant in the movie. great acting. RIP.
  • i'm confused why such a popular indie actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal, would stray so far from her roots and star in one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. (well, i suppose money is a good reason)
  • i love Morgan Freeman's voice. i could listen to him talk non-stop.
  • i never noticed how cute christian bale was until last night.
  • i thought some of the make-up the actors were wearing in the movie was too obvious...and i'm not talking about the joker's makeup. when you watch the movie, notice the bronzer christian bale has on to accentuate his cheek bones...it's too obvious.
  • how is batman's voice so drastically different than when he is just a normal guy?
  • there are other things i want to talk about but it would give away some of the plot line...darn!
  • go see the movie. you'll like it.


porter hovey said...

I'm just sooo excited to see the movie! I think I'm the only person in America that hasn't seen it yet. Totally going this weekend!!

cinderelly said...

my daughter went to see it at the IMAX in seattle and she loved it!

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