Friday, June 6, 2008

persian tea has a crush on coffee

what is more "seattle" than coffee? seriously.

coffee, coffee, coffee. i love it. almost as much as i love a nice cup of persian tea. and being the good seattelite that i am, i've learned to tell the most subtle taste, temperature, and brewing differences between good coffee and real goooood coffee.

i remember the days when i would be able to drink know, that instant coffee stuff...but now, oh my has that changed! i have a nice list of coffee shops that i love to visit. in fact, as i write this, i am sitting at cafe zokas, one of my favs. great atmosphere and great coffee.

nice coffee things:
  • nonfat, sugar-free raspberry latte from Zokas (near u-village)

  • House blend drip from Tully's

  • Peet's Coffee in fremont (great place to get work done)

  • low fat chocolate chip banana loaf from Starbucks (even though it pains me to feed the starbucks monster)

  • a nice latte with a marshmallow from Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford

  • Cafe Solstice for their music selection! the u-district

  • home-made coffee ice cream

1 comment:

franki durbin said...

I'm with you. I'm such a coffee enthusiast. My best drink is a Venti Bone Dry Cappuccino, w/ 2% foam up to the top - eaten with a spoon. 'm all about that foam. Then when the foam is gone you essentially have a double shot ready to be consumed. Fabulous.

So fabulous, I'm anxious to go get one right now. LOL.

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