Sunday, May 25, 2008

why are you doing this to us, H&M?

i am so excited that an H&M store is moving into the abercrombie&fitch space in the u village. some of the stores in the u village are a bit out of my price range (ie. Mercer) so i'm looking forward to actually doing some serious shopping the next time i am there. i've heard that the doors will open in spring my question is, um, when exactly is spring 2008? i'm pretty sure spring started back in march.
come on, already. you're killing me.
also, why does their website suck so bad? H&M, my darling, i just want to browse through your clothes. no, i don't want to see some 5'11 girl with perfect hair + makeup modeling one of the bikinis. and no, i don't want to dress a cyber girl with cyber-versions of your clothing line.

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Scarlett said...

My goodness I feel your pain. H&M has such wonderful, reasonable merchandise, but what a weird company!

I am stupefied as to why they have not opened one store in Texas yet?!?! LOL Frustrating, indeed! ;)

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