Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i love going to the movies!

i saw the new indiana jones movie last night. i liked it. i was a bit worried harrison ford was going to try to act younger than his age...he didn't. he definitely shows his age. i won't give any of the plot away, but it's very indiana jones-y...some action, some romance, some bad guys...a fun movie experience. but i'm the type of person who continues to think about a movie for days and now, after some thinking, i have few questions and thoughts:
  1. why do most "bad guys" in a movie have an accent? it's usually russian, arabic, or brooklyn/italian (think mob movies), and frankly it's getting old. and we wonder where stereotypes come from.
  2. i love the 1950s. everything seems so much simpler...and cleaner. also, i've always secretly wanted to wear one of those pointy bras from that era.
  3. i don't think i've ever met a real-life anthropologist in my life. i've seen them on the discovery channel and what not, but i've never actually met one. do people still go into that profession? i know people who studied anthropology in undergrad, but now they don't do anything relevant with their degree.
  4. i understand steven spielberg is great at what he does, but i sometimes feel like he is the equivalent to starbucks. he's every where. he seems to direct, or co-direct, everything...a monopoly of some sort. let's give some fresh-face director a chance to shine.

anyway, it was a good movie. i love movies. i especially love going to the movies at night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I loved the movie as well. The 50's setting took a little bit of getting used to, but I love that era too, so it wasn't hard! I've always secretly wanted a poodle skirt. I thought the young guy on his motorbike trying to be James Dean was great!

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